Living in the Mystery

How often I forget that I actually know nothing as it relates to ultimate Truth.  Reflecting on being human just brings me to a place of mystery.  Even when I think I “know” my life purpose, it’s just a thought in my mind.  The closest I can come to real knowing is “heart knowing”, which is Love.  And I can’t put words to that kind of knowing.  It just IS.

I rather like the notion that life is a mystery.  There are all kinds of scary situations, surprising characters, and cryptic clues everywhere for me to discover and contemplate.  A bit like the game, or movie, “Clue”, where anything can happen, and anyone can be involved.

In my life, there are often mystery blessings.  Angels appear mysteriously and magically out of nowhere.  Sometimes, I get to play the part of an angel to help another – perhaps a confused angel – but nevertheless….

There are those who would say we create our lives with our thoughts, and we mostly do this with unconscious thinking.  Now there’s a recipe for a perfect mystery creation system!  Aren’t we always asking ourselves, “How did THIS show up?”  And then we get lost in analysis and discussion of possible causes, because that is what the human mind seems to like to do.  Or, we could instead just be curious.  “What will happen next?”  Much like reading a great novel titled “The Mystery of Life.”

Mindful Life Coaching is for mindful living with the mystery.