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Why Practice Mindfulness & Meditation? Part 1

If you are new to mindfulness, congratulations on finding one of the most powerful practices for a better life! I know this because I began mindfulness study and practice over 20 years ago and have worked with 100s of clients to change their lives through mindfulness practices, and all of us feel it’s the most […]

More On Gratitude

I once had the privilege to hear spiritual teacher, David Hawkins, speak about gratitude.  He said “To be grateful takes requirements off of life, and puts requirements on me.”  This is such wisdom. We place requirements on life all the time and get upset when it doesn’t meet our demands.  “I want this. I want […]

Brook and Heather’s Mindful Relish Recipe

  In many households, frazzled Thanksgiving cooks (Grandma comes to mind) put out a relish tray to keep hungry but idle hands out of the kitchen. These trays are loaded with goodies, each tucked into its own compartment: pimento-stuffed green olives, whole black olives little ones canstick on their fingertips before eating, radishes, celery stuffed […]

My Newest Mindfulness Practice is a Purple Bracelet

Maybe you saw it on Oprah? It is part of an international project called Complaint Free Living. I’m finding it requires a high degree of mindfulness! The process is simple: You put a bracelet on one wrist and wear it there until you complain about something. When that happens, you switch the bracelet to the […]

No Effort is Wasted! It’s All Spiritual Growth!

“On this path no effort is ever wasted, no gain is ever reversed; even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow.” – Krishna counsels Arjuna in the “Song of the Blessed One” (Bhagavad-Gita 2.40, translated by Stephen Mitchell) The wisdom of these words sinks into my heart as I reflect on […]