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Happy Mindful New Year!!!

Here it is, the end of 2011 and the beginning of a New Year!  It is such a special time of the year, that we are reminded to stay awake to the powerful energy of transition.  It is an opportunity to learn lessons, to let go, to celebrate, and to step forward with intention.  As […]

Do BE Do BE Do, The Mindfulness of Getting Things Done

TO DO lists help us remember and get things done.But have you noticed that often these lists are ever present in our minds?We’re always wondering what to do next, what we forgot to do, and what we need to add to the list? How might it be if instead we were vigilant about a TO […]

Mindful lessons learned

“I didn’t make any mistakes, I just know a thousand ways not to make a light bulb.” —- Thomas Edison Looking for the life lessons in our challenging circumstances isn’t always easy, for sure. However when we do, we capture the gems of our lives that may have gone unnoticed. Sometimes, just facing the challenge […]

Mother’s Day Mindfulness Meditation

Wishing you a Mindful Mother’s Day! Whether you are spending time with your Mother, with your children, with your spouse, with your friends, with your pets, at work, time alone, or all of the above, you may find the following meditation practice helpful in experiencing greater joy and peace, no matter what your mothering experiences […]

The wisdom of what is – Be Mindful

Because of human conditioning to be mentally ‘anywhere but here’, we find it isn’t easy to simply be present. But when we can have just one moment of acceptance of ‘what is’, one moment of internal silence, one moment of mindfulness, one moment in the Now, there is an indescribable peace that we recognize as […]

My favorite Eckhart Tolle quotes

To support your mindful transition from 2009 to 2010…. Please share your favorite Tolle quotes – or any others! Enthusiasm means there is a deep enjoyment of what you do plus the added element of a goal or a vision that you work toward. … You will feel like an arrow that is moving toward […]

Being Present to the Process of Becoming

“What you get by reaching your destination is not as important as what you become while reaching your destination.” This quote from Dr. Robert Anthony is a good reminder that each moment is a precious opportunity to be completely mindful and present to the unfolding or our essence.  Perhaps the moments of “becoming” are actually […]

No Effort is Wasted! It’s All Spiritual Growth!

“On this path no effort is ever wasted, no gain is ever reversed; even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow.” – Krishna counsels Arjuna in the “Song of the Blessed One” (Bhagavad-Gita 2.40, translated by Stephen Mitchell) The wisdom of these words sinks into my heart as I reflect on […]