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Why Practice Mindfulness & Meditation? Part 1

If you are new to mindfulness, congratulations on finding one of the most powerful practices for a better life! I know this because I began mindfulness study and practice over 20 years ago and have worked with 100s of clients to change their lives through mindfulness practices, and all of us feel it’s the most […]

What do you like to play?

I keep thinking about building forts as a kid.  I loved pulling out all the blankets and turning the living room into a fortress or a cave or a tea-house!  So today, I ignored my grown-up mind, took the blankets off the bed and off the back of the couch, built myself a fort and […]

Mindful Eating – Consider the Source

The Mindful Life Community in Action “I wake up every morning, torn between a desire to save the whales, attain enlightenment, visit the Dalai Lama or go back to bed. Makes it kinda hard to plan the day.” ~Diane English Have you set your New Year’s Intentions being mindful of your values? I have, and […]

Open Thread – Ring In 2009! edition

During the Wring In 2009! tele-workshop, participants were invited to get in touch with their deepest values and then create specific visions of a life lived according to those values. Again, there was limited time for sharing, so I invite you all to share here…. Were there any values that surprised you?  In what ways […]

Don’t Make Any Resolutions Till You Read This!

Thinking of making New Year’s Resolutions? Think again. The most popular thing to do at New Years (besides drinking champagne) is probably to Make Resolutions. You tell yourself, your friends and your family (and if you’ve overdone it on champagne, perfect strangers!) that next year you’ll do it DIFFERENTLY. Next year, you really are going […]

Open Thread – Wring Out 2008! edition

Here’s what one participant said of yesterday’s class – Wring Out 2008! “I love the call!  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  I felt like I wanted to spend much more time on the different portions of the exercise.  So, today, I’m going to go through it all again, be more present […]

Mindful Life Community in Action

This week, my inspiration comes from all of the solicitations for donations I’ve received in the mail.  One organization that called to me was Women for Women, helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives.   I’ve decided to sponsor a woman for just $27/month and I invite you to do the something similar.  Even just writing a letter to these women […]

Mindful Holidays, Part II

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years can be a whirlwind of activity, when shopping trips take three times as long as usual and every joyful cookie exchange means an extra hour or two in the kitchen.  Mindfully choosing your activities can keep you grounded in the moment, but to truly enjoy the holiday (or any) season, […]