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Breathing In, Breathing Out – Mindfulness Practice For ALL Occasions

I wanted to share the recent news from Plum Village Monastery.  Many of you know that beloved master teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, had a stroke and is being treated in America.  A report posted on the Plum Village website shares his progress, including his first spoken words.  Here is an excerpt that is so heart […]

Living in the Mystery

How often I forget that I actually know nothing as it relates to ultimate Truth.  Reflecting on being human just brings me to a place of mystery.  Even when I think I “know” my life purpose, it’s just a thought in my mind.  The closest I can come to real knowing is “heart knowing”, which […]

Gratitude is enough

I agree with Jacob Glass that gratitude is the mind’s natural anti-depressant. “Gratitude is spitting in the eye of the ego. It’s throwing a bucket of water on the wicked witch….If you never remembered any other spiritual practice in your life, gratitude would be enough.” (from his new book The Crabby Angels Chronicles“.