Qualities of the Divine Feminine From “The Courage to Be Yourself” by Sue Patton Thoele

The Feminine is the embodiment of heart energy.Her key qualities are compassion and the ability to accept and honor the process of whatever is happening.Perhaps this is often easier for women because we are physically and emotionally programmed to honor the cycle of conception, pregnancy, and birth to welcome and include whoever may be born from that long, mysterious process.

Contrary to the idea that women are overemotional, the Divine Feminine is well grounded emotionally and has the capacity to bring all of her energy to exactly where she is in the moment.Feminine energy accepts the paradoxes of life and has the ability to hold them within her heart simultaneously.Feminine energy connects deeply with the Earth and all of her children, feeling for and with them.

The following list of feminine qualities – the vision of ourselves the Divine Feminine whispers in the stillness of our hearts – is by no means complete.You will be able to add many of your own.


Inclusive, Honoring of Process, Empowered, Intuitive, Compassionate, Complementary, Connective, Cooperative, Relational, Gentle, Receptive, Forgiving, Introspective, and Healing.

Recognizing these qualities as ones that we possess, or can aspire to possess, frequently helps us recognize and respect our innate talent to usher in to all situations the energy of love and acceptance.As with everything – and much to our chagrin at ties – the revolution of compassion, caring, and kindness exemplified by the Divine Feminine needs to begin within ourselves.As the song says, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”A revolution of love, a revolution of respect, a revolution of acceptance, tolerance, and inclusion.All of these values must first be nurtured in our own hearts and souls, and in our intimate social groups, if they are to be transformative for the whole.To begin this revolution of love, we need to brave our fears ……and honor who we truly are.