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Breathing In, Breathing Out – Mindfulness Practice For ALL Occasions

I wanted to share the recent news from Plum Village Monastery.  Many of you know that beloved master teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, had a stroke and is being treated in America.  A report posted on the Plum Village website shares his progress, including his first spoken words.  Here is an excerpt that is so heart […]

The Power of a Smile: Mindfulness Practice by Life Coach for Women

We have all been advised to smile – that we can make someone’s day brighter by offering a smile.  And if we smile, people may be more open and cooperative.  These are good reasons to smile, and this article is about the real power of of smiles.  Smiling has the power to transform you, not […]

Open Thread – Ring In 2009! edition

During the Wring In 2009! tele-workshop, participants were invited to get in touch with their deepest values and then create specific visions of a life lived according to those values. Again, there was limited time for sharing, so I invite you all to share here…. Were there any values that surprised you?  In what ways […]