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Mindfulness practice to build self confidence and improve self esteem.

Ego Games: Beware when You Compare!

Have you ever noticed the tendency to compare yourself to others? To make decisions about how you are doing based on how others are doing?  And have you noticed that when you do this, you may find yourself feeling like “not enough”? Comparing is often so habitual, we don’t even notice we’re doing it.  But […]

Major Life Transition: Tips from a Personal Life Coach for Women

Are you a women for whom life is changing or has changed in ways you weren’t expecting? Or are there situations you aren’t sure how to handle, and you are trying to find your way?  Maybe you are facing starting over after divorce.  Or maybe you are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Or […]

Self Confidence Begins with Self Acceptance: Tips from a Life Coach for Women

Many women suffer from lack of self confidence and low self esteem and it frustrates them to no end.  They want to do more, speak up more often, and feel better about their presence in the world.  Basically, they want to audition for, and land, the lead role in their own lives! Often the root […]

A Toast to Women Caregivers

March 8 is International Women’s Day. According to the Pan American Health Organization (a division of the World Health Organization), “Some 80 percent of home health care in the Americas is provided by women, but this critical work is neither recognized nor remunerated.”  In fact, they say, “this invisible work is rarely even recognized as […]

Don’t Make Any Resolutions Till You Read This!

Thinking of making New Year’s Resolutions? Think again. The most popular thing to do at New Years (besides drinking champagne) is probably to Make Resolutions. You tell yourself, your friends and your family (and if you’ve overdone it on champagne, perfect strangers!) that next year you’ll do it DIFFERENTLY. Next year, you really are going […]