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Tips from a certified personal life coach to keep you healthy, happy and on track with your diet or fitness plan.

Why Practice Mindfulness & Meditation? Part 1

If you are new to mindfulness, congratulations on finding one of the most powerful practices for a better life! I know this because I began mindfulness study and practice over 20 years ago and have worked with 100s of clients to change their lives through mindfulness practices, and all of us feel it’s the most […]

Mindfulness Tips for Holiday Stress from a Life Coach for Women

Tis the season to be jolly!  Jolly crazy that is, when it comes to all the tasks before us, especially women as we approach the holidays.   In this article, you will be encouraged to go through the holidays more mindfully and with less stress so that your experience is one of greater peace and […]

The Power of a Smile: Mindfulness Practice by Life Coach for Women

We have all been advised to smile – that we can make someone’s day brighter by offering a smile.  And if we smile, people may be more open and cooperative.  These are good reasons to smile, and this article is about the real power of of smiles.  Smiling has the power to transform you, not […]

Forgiveness: The Ultimate Act of Self-Care

Forgiving can sometimes seem impossible. Some crimes just are so egregious we really struggle to find a way to forgive the perpetrator, right? If someone is so completely “wrong” then why should I forgive him or her? What if they just keep doing the same awful things again and again – how can I forgive […]

Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment Workshop

Many times the alignment choices we desire to make with our body are affected by our adherence to mental beliefs we didn’t even realize we had. Brook Montagna, MS, of Mindful Life Coaching will be hosting a two-hour workshop addressing:1) Inflexible belief systems and perceptions that are generating incorrect messages to the Central Nervous System, […]

Do BE Do BE Do, The Mindfulness of Getting Things Done

TO DO lists help us remember and get things done.But have you noticed that often these lists are ever present in our minds?We’re always wondering what to do next, what we forgot to do, and what we need to add to the list? How might it be if instead we were vigilant about a TO […]

Infinite Space – Mindfulness and Awareness

“Most people have heard of protons, neutrons, and electrons – the subatomic particles that compose atoms (there are actually many, many more particles) – but they don’t realize what they look like and how far apart they are. If a proton were the size of a grape, then an electron would be smaller than the […]

Gratitude is enough

I agree with Jacob Glass that gratitude is the mind’s natural anti-depressant. “Gratitude is spitting in the eye of the ego. It’s throwing a bucket of water on the wicked witch….If you never remembered any other spiritual practice in your life, gratitude would be enough.” (from his new book The Crabby Angels Chronicles“.

Values-driven motivation – Mindfulness & Goal Setting

Got Goals? Stay motivated by focusing on your values and intentions! We are all values-driven, meaning we seek to live a life that is aligned with our most important values.When you set a goal, make sure achieving it will be an expression of your deeply held values.First, identify your highest values.Then, determine how each of […]

Think straight to stand straight!

Mindfulness of the body:  I’ve recently learned from Katy Santiago of that over time, our minds may very well trick us into thinking our posture is good even when it’s not.  The impact of this is profound since posture has everything to do with longevity.  What’s important to note here is that we need to […]