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A powerful mindfulness practice is gratitude practice. With mindful living, we become more and more grateful for the life we have.

More On Gratitude

I once had the privilege to hear spiritual teacher, David Hawkins, speak about gratitude.  He said “To be grateful takes requirements off of life, and puts requirements on me.”  This is such wisdom. We place requirements on life all the time and get upset when it doesn’t meet our demands.  “I want this. I want […]

Mindful Holidays, Part II

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years can be a whirlwind of activity, when shopping trips take three times as long as usual and every joyful cookie exchange means an extra hour or two in the kitchen.  Mindfully choosing your activities can keep you grounded in the moment, but to truly enjoy the holiday (or any) season, […]


This is the season when we are reminded to give thanks.  In the whirlwind of family events, how do we take time for mindful gratitude?  One way is with a Gratitude Journal, a special book devoted to listing the things, large and small, that enrich our lives.  If you have one that you’ve been neglecting, now is a […]