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Resources for mindful living and mindful giving to nurture your generosity and contribution to the world around you.

More On Gratitude

I once had the privilege to hear spiritual teacher, David Hawkins, speak about gratitude.  He said “To be grateful takes requirements off of life, and puts requirements on me.”  This is such wisdom. We place requirements on life all the time and get upset when it doesn’t meet our demands.  “I want this. I want […]

Gratitude: Mindfulness Practice Tips from a Life Coach for Women

The Gratitude holiday, Thanksgiving, is upon us.  Time for giving thanks.  But just in case you are feeling a little low on appreciation, let’s make sure we are filled to the brim with gratitude before giving thanks.  Don’t you just love the feeling of appreciation and gratitude?  It really is an attitude, or state of […]

Mother’s Day Mindfulness Meditation

Wishing you a Mindful Mother’s Day! Whether you are spending time with your Mother, with your children, with your spouse, with your friends, with your pets, at work, time alone, or all of the above, you may find the following meditation practice helpful in experiencing greater joy and peace, no matter what your mothering experiences […]

My Newest Mindfulness Practice is a Purple Bracelet

Maybe you saw it on Oprah? It is part of an international project called Complaint Free Living. I’m finding it requires a high degree of mindfulness! The process is simple: You put a bracelet on one wrist and wear it there until you complain about something. When that happens, you switch the bracelet to the […]

Being Present to the Process of Becoming

“What you get by reaching your destination is not as important as what you become while reaching your destination.” This quote from Dr. Robert Anthony is a good reminder that each moment is a precious opportunity to be completely mindful and present to the unfolding or our essence.  Perhaps the moments of “becoming” are actually […]

Weathering the Uncertainty

If Chicken Little showed up on your doorstep crying, “The Sky is Falling!  The sky is falling!” what would you say?  Would you jump right in and list your woes and fears, or would you help her change her perspective?  A little gratitude can go a long way toward changing perspective, as can helping others.  […]

Be The Change – Celebrate MLK Day

Today is Martin Luther King Day and the Obama team encourages us to celebrate with COMMUNITY SERVICE.  Another way for being mindful.  Just visit and find out what’s happening in your area.  I was amazed at all the events in my own community, something for everyone!  Community Service is a powerful mindfulness practice. Brook Montagna, […]